Convertible Puzzle Rainbow Cube


Item # 08009

60 Wedges Hollow Convertible Puzzle Rainbow Cube Ruler
size:4.13×0.98×6.89 inch (10.5×2.5×17.5 cm)
weight:0.484 lbs (220 g)

This magical snake-shaped cube set is made of recycled plastic and is durable, smooth and fun. These snakes are in rainbow colors, they all appear randomly, you will receive a square magic snake cube. You can turn your fingers and brain into challenges and fun by rotating a triangular block of snake-shaped cubes into straight lines, snakes, dogs.

Packaging: Each piece in a polybag; 96 units/ctn; Dimensions: 18″ x 13″ x 16″

$10.24/pc for 960 pcs
$9.82/pc for 5,000 pcs
$9.42/pc for Customized Package 8,000 pcs

Convertible Puzzle Rainbow Cube


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