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The 10 Best Promotional Toys to Build Your Company Brand

Everyone loves toys! Listed below are the 10 best promotional toys to build your brand. Toys are exciting and fun promotional items for both the young and young at heart. If your business is looking for a unique and attention-grabbing marketing strategy, promotional toy items are a great option. The possibilities for a winning promotional merchandise campaign with our toys are nearly endless, but these ten promotional toys are some of the best options.

At Teemway Gifts we specialize in providing wholesale custom promotional toys to promote your brand’s advertising message. We have over 300 exciting promotional toy items to choose from.

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Mini Flying Disc

Our unique silicone flying disc is perfect for playing both inside and in the great outdoors. At just 2.5 inches, this little flyer packs a lot of fun into a small package. Its soft, flexible feel makes it easy to catch, throw, and hold, and little canine companions can even get in on the action. Your clients and customers will love how cute these small flyers look and enjoy how fun they are to use.

Folding Flying Disc with Pouch

Another great flyer option is this foldable flying disc. It has a little pouch, which means it can double as storage. Who doesn’t love to toss a flying disc and see how far they can make it soar? Your customers will also love the compact design of this soft nylon version. When folded, it’s only three inches in diameter, making it easy to store and transport.

Smile Ball

This little three-inch ball is made of soft polyurethane and can be used in a variety of ways. Bounce it, catch it, juggle it, throw it through a hoop – the possibilities for play are endless. This is a popular promotional toy option because it’s not too niche and can be used by any industry or business. Choose your color, imprint your logo, and watch this smiley face ball put a smile on your clients’ faces.

Mini Pull-Back Car

No batteries are required to turn on the fun with these mini pull-back cars. Kids and adults will love pulling them back and watching them zoom forward across the floor. Bright colors and portable, simple fun make these a perfect promo item option for car dealerships, mechanic shops, travel companies, and many other types of businesses. Give these little cars to your customers to watch your marketing campaign take off toward success.

Colorful Fidget Bracelet

This promotional product is a fidget toy, stress reliever, and fashion accessory in one. Boys and girls of any age will be thrilled to wear these pop-it bracelets. Fidget toys have no maximum age limit, and these promo items are popular among people from ages 5 to 105. If you’re looking for a promotional toy that’s on-trend and multi-use, these colorful fidget bracelets are the way to go.

Customizable Kite

Kites are a tried-and-true classic toy that generations of people have enjoyed. Whether your customers have loved flying kites for decades or are being introduced to these gravity-defying marvels for the first time, you’ll make a favorable and memorable impression by gifting your company’s customized kite. Put your business name, logo, or slogan on these kites to grab the attention of everyone around.

Infinite Folding Cube

It isn’t easy to describe the allure and endless entertainment an infinite folding cube provides. These simple yet mesmerizing little mechanisms never cease to amaze as multiple cubes attach to each other to create never-ending folding patterns. Your clients are sure to enjoy these promotional toys as they fold and fold, marveling at the motion of the cubes. This is a fun and universal promo item that is a great option for any business or event.

Push Pop Flying Disc

If you can’t decide between a bubble pop-it or a flying disc promotional toy, then wonder no more. Our push pop flying disc is the best of both those promotional toys rolled into one entertaining package. These are great to use as flying discs for frequent beachgoers or casual backyard disc-tossers. When it’s time to wind down, your clients can also use these to self-soothe, reduce stress, and keep their fingers busy.

Push Pop Bounce Ball

If flying discs aren’t quite what you’re looking for, but you love the idea of two-for-one, this push pop bounce ball will be right up your alley. These are a super fun, attention-grabbing way to relieve stress and bring a little joy to every day. They’re made of soft, squeezable silicone and are perfect for big and small hands. Push the pop bubbles down, then squeeze the ball to see and hear the bubbles pop back into shape. They’re impossible to resist!

Santa Claus Stress Ball

The holiday season is right around the corner, and if you’re making plans for your Christmas marketing strategy, consider these Santa Claus stress balls. All the fun and function of a stress ball, with a bit of added whimsy of a Santa Claus design. Hand them out as gifts at a winter festival, office party, or charitable event.

We think any of these ten promotional toys would be a great addition to your company’s next marketing campaign. Teemway Gifts has hundreds of promotional toy options, so if you don’t see anything here that tickles your fancy, check out our promotional toys category to see the many great promotional toy items that we have to offer we have to offer.

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