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Top 10 Best Environmentally Friendly Promotional Items

The 10 Best Environmentally Friendly Promotional Items to Build Your Brand

Ecofriendly, environmentally conscious, sustainable, green – these words are being used more and more as the focus on environmental protection and preservation continues to grow. This isn’t just a passing fad; this movement is expected to become more mainstream and eventually become the status quo.

As a business, staying on top of current trends and getting ahead of the curve are crucial. Do you want to appeal to the masses and signal that you’re environmentally friendly? Incorporating any of these ten best environmentally friendly promotional items into your marketing plan can do just that.

Teemway Gifts is a wholesale supplier of the best promotional merchandise to build your brand. We have over 70 environmentally friendly promotional items to choose from.

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Flower Seed Sprout Pen

Pens are one of the most popular promotional products because they’re functional and universal. This flower seed sprout pen has the added bonus of giving back to Mother Nature and being incredibly cool. Once your customers are done using this pen as a writing tool, they can turn it upside down and plant it in the ground. Few people can resist the urge to try this pen out for all the functions it offers.

Business Card Phone Stand

Business cards are a tried-and-true method if you consider yourself a fundamentalist in self-promotion. This business card doubles as a phone stand, so clients will remember you as innovative and environmentally friendly. This is a great eco-friendly item when your focus is on simple, professional, and functional promotional products.

Bamboo Clock and Hygrometer

This bamboo clock and hygrometer is hard to beat when prioritizing style, function, and environmental friendliness. Bamboo is recognized as an ecologically friendly material, so it is usually a safe bet when you’re in the market for sustainable and responsible promotional items. With this aesthetically-pleasing product, your clients can tell the time and monitor their indoor air quality.

Recycled Kraft Paper USB

By blending technology and sustainability, this recycled kraft paper USB proves that being eco-conscious is about more than planting trees and recycling bottles. This handy, portable flash drive is compatible with multiple devices and has a 2.0 interface for fast file transfers. Add your logo, slogan, or image to this environmentally friendly promotional item to remind customers of your brand’s value and ethics.

Bamboo Pop Phone Holder

A pop phone holder is a useful and out-of-the-box promotional item for just about anyone. The bamboo material of this phone holder is more than just stylish, it’s also environmentally conscious due to bamboo’s high sustainability. This item also promises a high level of exposure because people use their phones all throughout the day. If you can show customers that your business is responsible, forward-thinking, and generous, you’ll build a network of long-term supporters.

Multifunctional Pen

Pens are classic promotional products and a good option for any business or industry. This multifunctional pen takes that utility to a new level as an ink pen, stylus, and phone stand all wrapped up in one package. The multiple uses of this item contribute to its environmental friendliness and promote your value as a business. Whether your clients need one, two, or all three of the functions this pen offers, they’re sure to appreciate this promotional item.

Bamboo Phone Holder With Wireless Charger

Anytime you incorporate a smartphone into your promotional products, you can expect current and potential customers to be interested. These devices take up so much of our lives and provide access to tools and information we use almost continuously, so it’s no wonder why phone accessories and gadgets are popular. This bamboo phone holder with a built-in wireless charger will help your customers go hands-free so they can multitask and keep their phones charged, so they never have to go without.

Cork Mousepad and Wireless Charger

Did you know that cork is an environmentally friendly superstar? This powerhouse material is natural, renewable, biodegradable, and recyclable! Plus, cork offers a unique and visually appealing aesthetic. This mousepad and wireless charger combine utility, beauty, and sustainability that you can give your clients as a must-have promotional product.

Bamboo Folding Fan

Eco-conscious customers with global warming at the forefront of their minds will appreciate this bamboo folding fan. Sustainable and thoughtful for the increasingly hot days that future summers will bring, this folding hand fan is the perfect environmentally friendly promotional item during the warm months. Your customers will be the envy of everyone once the temperature increases. Just add your logo to attract all the right attention to your innovative and eco-friendly business.

Bamboo Lunch Box

Packing lunch doesn’t have to be boring or bad for the planet. Gone are the days of brown paper bags and plastic single-use baggies. This stylish lunchbox has a bamboo lid and comes with a knife, fork, and spoon. The two food compartments are made of 30% wheat straw, which is an abundant and sustainable biomaterial. Your present and future clients will love the minimalist design and eco-friendly functionality of these lunch containers.

Teemway Gifts is invested in the future of your business, and we know that the right promotional product can bring exponential growth to your business or brand. Customers care about the ethics of the brands they buy from. If you want to show your true value to the public and your current patrons, environmentally friendly promotional products are a win-win. We have a wide selection of promo items to choose from that will showcase your brand in all the right ways.

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