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Ultimate Wholesale Promotional Merchandise Buying Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Wholesale Promotional Merchandise Is A Helpful Resource For Marketers Seeking To Buy Promotional Items At The Best Prices

Companies and organizations around the world use promotional products to market their businesses, products, and services. Promotional merchandise is a versatile and valuable tool in any company’s marketing plan, so having a good understanding of what promotional items are and how they can benefit your business is key before diving headfirst into your marketing plan.

Teemway Gifts is a major wholesale supplier of promotional merchandise and can be your go-to source for information, guidance, and unique products if you decide that promotional merchandise is a good choice for your brand.

What are Promotional Merchandise Items?

Promotional merchandise can be any product that includes a company’s logo, slogan, name, or contact information that is given away to promote a company’s products or services. Many companies use these promo items as general advertising tools for their business, but these products are also often used to promote a new product, event, or other specific things that a company wants to highlight. For example, giveaways, swag bags, and freebies are often promotional merchandise.

What is the Purpose of Promotional Merchandise?

The purpose of promo products is to increase your company’s sales and brand awareness. These items do this by making the business logo or name more visible and helping people associate the company with positive feelings. People like free stuff! Businesses can use that to their advantage by offering useful and desirable items featuring their logo or other company imagery.

You can give away promotional merchandise at a trade show to remind visitors of your goods or services. If you’ve been brainstorming ways to thank your associates, employees, or loyal customers, promo items can serve that purpose. Team-building activities, hospitality events or open houses, and important meetings are all great opportunities to offer promotional products.

Regardless of how or when you use them, their purpose remains the same – to drive sales, drive engagement, and generate customer satisfaction for your business. And they do it well!

How do I Buy Bulk Promotional Merchandise Wholesale at the Best Price?

If you’re considering purchasing promotional merchandise for your company, you will likely want to do so in a way that generates the highest return on investment. Finding a wholesale partner that offers a wide selection of products at discounted prices is the best way to maximize the benefits of promotional products. A bulk supplier of promo items can be a valuable partner in your quest for high-value, low-cost merchandise. Cutting out the unnecessary markup of costly middlemen will enable you to produce far more reach for your promotional marketing campaign and increase the size of your promotion campaign.

Teemway Gifts is a Top Bulk Promotional Merchandise Wholesale Supplier

As a leading supplier of cutting edge and unique promotional products that drive sales and boost exposure, Teemway Gifts has everything your company needs to deliver a successful marketing campaign with promo merchandise. Our team has nearly three decades of experience in the manufacturing of corporate gifts, client giveaways, and innovative promotional items.

If you’re looking for bulk promo products that your clients and customers will appreciate and want to go straight to the source by purchasing from a manufacturer, Teemway Gifts is your go-to source. We have over 400 unique and custom-printed items for your business, and we will handle your order with care from start to finish. Do you know exactly what products you want to promote your brand? Chances are high that we offer just what you’re looking for. Are you unsure about which items would be best suited for your needs? We are happy to help you decide which gifts or items will be a perfect match for your business or event. Our selection of merchandise includes toys, textiles, technology products, household items, and office products. Teemway Gifts offers the winning combination of great promotional products at low prices.

Buying Custom Promotional Items with Logo

Why choose to give away items with your logo or slogan printed or emblazoned on them? Your logo is often how current and potential customers identify your company, so making your logo visible effectively increases your brand awareness. The more people who know about your company, the more sales you will make.

Teemway Gifts makes the buying process easy. Our website has over 400 high quality products to choose from. We will work with you to make sure your order is just the way you want it, including logo placement, color choice, and other customizable options as available. Your brand’s continued success is what we’ve built our business on. Contact us today to see how we can help you make your next promotion campaign a success!

How is Low-Cost Promotional Merchandise Used in Marketing?

The possibilities for using low-cost promotional merchandise in marketing are endless, limited only by your imagination. Exhibitions, career fairs, networking parties, open houses, meet and greets, corporate meetings, and employee appreciation events are only a small sampling of ideas. That’s because these marketing efforts aren’t just for current and potential customers. Your brand also benefits when business partners, vendors, corporate partners, and employees use your promo products.

Seasonal items are popular choices – sunglasses in the warmer months, snow shovels when it’s chilly, and décor items for the holiday seasons. However, Teemway Gifts offers products that people can love and use year-round. For example, fidget toys, travel mugs, pens, stress balls, smartphone holders, and tote bags aren’t seasonal, so they can be given away during any month of the year.

How are low-cost promotional items used in marketing? The simple answer is – any way you choose. You know your brand and business goals better than anyone else, so don’t doubt yourself when trying to come up with ideas for the promotional product part of your marketing plan. There are no set rules. Simply rely on your own creativity to guide you and have fun!

How Do Custom Printed Promotional Products Help with Marketing?

Marketing, at its core, is the process of communicating your company’s message and exchanging value between audiences or customers and businesses. Through strategic activities, companies promote themselves and their services or products in a way that shows their value. In turn, the public starts to want what the company offers.

Promotional products make these marketing activities a synergetic process. Customers and potential clients benefit from having a free, useful item in the form of promo merchandise, your business benefits from the increased exposure and ultimate boost in sales. Customizable products are crucial for this to work effectively because, without your business name or logo clearly visible on the item, they will not help your brand grow as quickly.

Can Cheap Promotional Products Really Help Deliver My Company’s Advertising Message and Increase Sales?

They absolutely can! Finding the perfect low-cost promotional product can seem like a daunting task. With so many choices and so little free time, entrepreneurs and business owners can quickly get overwhelmed with the process. Teemway Gifts makes it simple for you to get the products you need without unwelcome stress, just visit our website at We can guide you each step of the way, so you never have to worry about your order being delivered on time.

As a top manufacturer with offices and production in Asia, buying wholesale promotional merchandise through Teemway Gifts is incredibly cost-effective. Overall, promo items are inexpensive in relation to the substantial exposure and impact they provide. Plus, working with us ensures you benefit from our decades of promotional merchandise experience, our wholesale prices, and our on-time delivery.

9 Examples of Cheap Promotional Product Ideas for a Successful Promotion Campaign

The possibilities that promotional products offer is almost endless, but here are nine great options to give you an idea of the items you can offer your customers.

Click the product name to view each item on our website:

  1. Stainless Steel Ice Scraper

Winter is fast approaching, which means many of your customers will likely be dealing with icy and snowy conditions. An ice scraper offers incredible value on those cold, early mornings, and this snow removal shovel is the perfect handy helper. Durable, easy to use, and multi-purpose, this promotional item will have your clients thanking you every time they use it.

Cups are a popular choice for promotional products, and we can see why – most of us use cups on a daily basis. This double-wall tumbler is an excellent alternative to disposable cups and plastic straws because it is reusable and stylish. The insulation makes it perfect for maintaining drink temperature, and the spill-resistant lid is ideal for on-the-go use.

From extracurricular activities and lessons to grocery shopping and vacations, your customers’ busy lives probably mean they could use a portable space to store all of their things. This polyester backpack has a drawstring closure and is customizable with a variety of options, including baseball, soccer, and travel themes. Giving these away to your patrons means they’ll be reminded of your business each time they tote things from one place to another, which is likely to be quite often.

An all-time classic choice in the world of promotional marketing products, pens have been ruling the world of giveaway items for a while. In a digital world, are ballpoint pens still useful? They are still highly popular items, but if you’re worried about keeping up with the digital age, this option comes with a screen touch pen, too. Whether writing with ink on paper or digitally signing on a screen, your customers will appreciate this free pen from one of their favorite companies.

The interconnected nature of the world made possible by the internet is often a great thing, but everyone values their privacy from time to time. Give your clients a little peace of mind with these cute plastic camera covers for their electronic devices. Phones, tablets, and laptops will get a little safer with these installed over the camera lens.

Caps are a tried-and-true option for promo merchandise because of the visibility they offer. Not only will the wearer have repeated exposure to your brand every time they put the hat on, but so will everyone they encounter while they wear it. With a metal closure and

3D logo on the front, this cotton cap offers both durability and design.

Flyer discs are a fun time for people and dogs of all ages, making this 10″ folding flyer disc a smart choice for all kinds of industries and companies. This one comes with a storage pouch for convenience and is customizable to match the branding of your company.

Push pop toys are wildly popular, so getting in on the craze of these fun toys practically guarantees engagement with your promotional items. This push pop stress ball offers a ton of fun in one little package – pop it, squeeze it, push it, and bounce it. Perfect for stress relief, sensory issues, and just plain fun.

Ecofriendly? Check. Stylish? Check. Handy? Check. This bottle opener ticks all the boxes. Made of sustainable bamboo with a magnet for easy storage, you can bet people will be drawn to these adorable little tools. Have your logo or message engraved and hand them out to all your favorite clients or potential customers.

Promotional Items Giveaways at Trade Shows are the Best Way to Reach Qualified Buyers

People at trade shows are already on the lookout for new companies they’d like to do business with, so this is a perfect opportunity to promote your business with branded giveaway items. The trouble is differentiating yourself from the dozens of other businesses promoting their goods and services in the same space. You can stand out from the crowd with strategic and memorable promotional item giveaways.

Associate your brand with reliability and helpfulness by offering a useful promotional item. Remind people of your ethical business practices by giving away eco-friendly merchandise. Bring joy to trade show visitors by handing out toys that inspire fun and playfulness. Toys are always a great promotional item!

Matching your promotional item with your business’s unique marketing message, ethics, and mission is another layer of value that this merchandise offers. Not only do these products remind people that your company exists and that they should consider doing business with you, but they also convey your brand’s essence and voice.

Low-cost Promotional Giveaways are a Powerful Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Do you want to send a message that resonates with customers? Are you trying to inspire potential clients to contact you? Promotional giveaways accomplish this and a lot more. Teemway Gifts can help your business make a lasting impression with promo items. With practical, useful, fun and unique merchandise, your company is bound to boost sales and increase engagement. Plus, being given free things causes people to have positive feelings, which they will associate with your brand.

Make Teemway Gifts Your Trusted Promotional Merchandise Partner

If you’ve decided that you’re ready to start promoting your brand with promo merchandise, Teemway Gifts is ready to help you. You can start by browsing our wide selection of promotional products or reach out to us for a more individualized approach.

We look forward to helping you create your next successful promotion campaign! Feel free to contact us today!

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