Why toys are excellent brand building promotional items for your business, photo og toys with company logos on them

Why Toys Are Excellent Brand-Building Promotional Items for Your Business

How Promotional Toy Items Grow Your Businesses

The art of giving has mass appeal for a plethora of reasons and in numerous contexts – to say thank you, to showcase an item, to promote an event, or to entice action. You can broaden your brand’s reach and boost sales by giving gifts to your customers, clients, or potential patrons.

However, saying that gift-giving is a smart strategy for business is one thing, and implementing a successful promotional product campaign is another. Knowing the right type of gift or promotional item to hand out is key to utilizing this marketing tactic to its greatest potential. Toys are often overlooked, and they have mass appeal to prospective customers young and old.

Promotional Products and Your Brand’s Success

The success of promotional products as drivers of sales and exposure has been proven again and again. Who doesn’t like a freebie? It’s this sentiment that makes promotional gift giving so beneficial. Promotional items provide a high return on your investment, as the appreciation they illicit and the exposure they bring is worth far more than the cost of the items.

Making meaningful connections with your client base causes increased customer retention and return buyers. Plus, well-planned promotional products are a great way to build your business and establish yourself as a premium brand. The options are nearly endless – bouncy balls that look like eyes for an optometrist’s office, rubber duckies for a bathroom remodeling company, or math puzzles for a tutoring company. Companies in lake or beach towns can’t go wrong with sand toys like molds and colorful buckets. If you don’t want promotional items that are quite as on-the-nose, there are many products that offer universal appeal, like fidget cubes, stress balls, and flying discs.

Advertising can get expensive. Small businesses spend an average of 10% of their revenue on things like digital advertising and newspaper or circular ads. Compared to these traditional, and quite honestly boring, advertising options, promotional products have a lower cost and much greater impact.

Promotional products are also not something that people have an automatic aversion to or negative association with. Ads are inconvenient, and they often create a knee-jerk response of irritation from many people. Free stuff, however, generally causes excitement.

If you’re trying to connect directly with your desired clients or customers, provide them with promotional items that offer value and a memorable experience. Do you want to change the public’s behavior or encourage a certain activity? Promotional items pull people in and welcome them to engage with your brand. Once they take home the free promo gift from your company, they will continue to be reminded of the positive experience they had with you and your brand for a long time to come.

Promotional Toys for Young and Old

Toys are a fun and imaginative option for both children and adults. Kids are the obvious market for toys as promotional giveaways, and there are many options available from Teemway Gifts. From toy cars and planes to jigsaw and 3D puzzles, we have promotional products that will excite and engage kids of all ages. Even if your ideal client or customer is a few decades older than 10 or 12, offering fun and distracting toys to their children or grandchildren will likely earn your company high marks. Everybody likes fun and imaginative toys.

If you think that adults have no use for toys, then you should know that this is a major misconception. While most grown-ups have little time for playing with dolls or action figures, there is still a large adult market for certain types of toys, especially when you expand your perception of what a toy actually is. Items like frisbees, flying discs, sports balls, stress balls, and fidget toys all fall into the realm of playthings and still have mass appeal in every age bracket.

So how do you use this to your benefit? By distributing promotional toys to adults in order to market your company or products. Items like yoyos, robot claws, sling toys, and splash balls foster playfulness in everyone, which is a healthy outlet regardless of age. If your business is the reason someone smiles today, then that’s a huge win-win for your promotion campaign.

Do you remember how exciting it was to get the toy from your fast-food kid’s meal or box of cereal? Most adults have fond memories of moments like that from their childhood, so why not capitalize on that nostalgia and bring joy to your client base? You can create an attention-grabbing promotional toy campaign that exposes your brand to dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of potential customers, which will inevitably drive sales and increase your revenue.

Promotional toys are highly customizable and incredibly fun to incorporate into your marketing strategy. In that sense, it isn’t just your customers who will have a good time with these toys; you can let loose and release your inner child when planning this type of promotional product campaign. Toys build a sense of fun and imagination with your company or brand.

You can use subtle brand promotion or attention-grabbing logo placement on the promotional toys you decide to use for your company. This level of customization and choices might feel overwhelming at first, but you are perfectly qualified to make these decisions for your brand because no one understands your company and vision better than you. However, Teemway Gifts has plenty of fun, high-quality promotional toy options if you need ideas. We are experts in the toy industry, and we can help you develop and impactful promotion campaign.

Promotional toys are the way to go when you want an effective, budget-friendly, and exciting marketing technique to stand out from your competitors. Let Teemway Gifts be your partner in providing fun promo items to your customers with our wide selection of toys, balls, and puzzles. Make your next promotion campaign a success with Teemway Gifts!

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