3D Hair Press Irons


Item # JYG307032

3D Hair Press Irons

1.Material:High temperature resistant pps
2.Size:11.8 x2.20 inch (30×5.6 cm)
3.Weight: 1.65 lbs (750 g)
4.Packing: 1pc/color box
5.Plug: US/Europea/Australia
6.With 5 plates for shapes , protective glove
7.Logo method:silk-screen
8.Printable size: Length 2.36″ x Width 1.57″

Minimun Order Qty 1000pcs

Straighten,crimp or curl hair with interchangeable hot plates.Then choose a shape for your mood-stamp some hearts in your hair if you’re feeling flirty,or a star or two when you want to stand out!Styles last until the hair is wet.

Slide in desired plates until you hear a Pop. Press the power button to turn it on,press it again until desired temperature is reached
Step 2
Wait until power light stops blinking, it’s ready! Put on a heat resistant glove for the hand that isn’t holding the device
Step 3
Section dry hair so it’s about 1/2″ inch thick and 3″ wide
Press down device firmly and hold plate covers closed for 5 seconds


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