Freestanding Desktop Boxing Punching Bag


Item #JYG307031

Freestanding Desktop Boxing Punching Bag

1.Material:PU+ABS+stainless steel+PU foam
3.With 1C 1 position logo print
4.Black/Red/ Black and red
5.1pc/kraft box

1.Decompression,exercise,resistance to beating and fitness.
2.An emotional punching bag for adults,and a good partner for children to exercise and play.
3.High-density PU on the surface,resistant to beating without hurting hands.
4.After being bent by force,it can immediately return to its original state,keep elasticity for a long time,and is not easy to deform.
5.Wipe the adsorption surface with a wet towel before adsorption ,and the effect is better.


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